Trust us, once you’ve resided in Dubai, you will never be the same again.

Here are 5 small things you are not consciously aware of but has changed the way you think or behave the moment you land in Dubai.

  1. You walk in the streets in the middle of the night feeling completely safe
    Let us admit it, Dubai has given us the feeling that the whole world is safe and secure. The UAE ranked #2 in the world for security only being eclipsed by Finland for the top spot. The country is also ranked the safest country in the Gulf region. And suffice to say, the UAE is one of the few countries in the world where you can walk in the midnight and feel secure that you’ll not run into any harm.
  2. You suddenly become a traveler
    The UAE’s location is arguably one of the best in the world for travel – situated between Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and in the hub of the Middle East. Booking a vacation wouldn’t be a luxury given airline fares and cheap packages are all over the place.
  3. You begin to focus on your future and actually start saving and investing
    In other words, you start to grow up. It’s a no brainer that the UAE is a major player in the world economy today. The country has proven time and again that it can be a haven for professionals both young and old who want to showcase their talent to the rest of the world. Not only that, an increasing number of expats have become smart with their time in the Emirate by saving and investing their hard earned money intangible investments like Real Estate.
  4. Fancy brunches, luxury staycations, and monthly concerts and more are quite normal
    Fact: Dubai is a lifestyle destination. A weekend with friends over a fancy brunch at a 5 star hotel is quite normal, even a luxury staycation is nothing but ordinary. Dubai has made us realize everything is doable. Thanks to Entertainer and Groupon. This is also the reason why Dubai hosts more than 50 concerts and events in a year. People spend and know how to have a good time. Who wouldn’t? Majority of the Emirate’s population have no family with them here so at least to ease loneliness, having a good time once in a while is nothing but a reward. Plus, let us not forget that everyone in Dubai is updated. Sometimes, even the taxi drivers have the latest gadgets.
  5. You’ve become multi-cultural
    Let’s be real. How can you not be multi cultural if the country is massively diverse with the population being 90% comprised of expats? The UAE is an amazing country to have friends from all 195 countries.

Are you looking for ways to make your time in Dubai worthwhile?

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